- Straight college boy trained to show his hole
- Straight college boy trained to show his hole

For the first time in their lives young lads are stripped totally naked, ordered onto all fours, told to pull their cheeks open and expose their fluffy little holes AND smile for the camera like they are enjoying it.
Homophobic muscleboys stripped
- Homophobic muscleboys stripped

The camera is on from the moment they walk through the door until they leave.

ALL of the lads are your typical homophobic sportsman who just wants to fuck chicks.

Boxers, footballers, soldiers, rugby players, students - I get to see them all.
- Young fitness instructor given a full going over

Sexed up straight youths with aching hardons in their pants all day long will agree to anything!
- Tattooed hetero hardman covered in come

The only way to deal with them is to ignore their questions and suspicions and just order them to strip naked. When they're naked they're less likely to argue.
Straight virgin arseholes displayed for the first time
- Straight virgin arseholes displayed for the first time

Moments later and it's too late for them to back out as I tell them to part their buttocks and smile for the camera. Straight virgin arseholes displayed for the first time anywhere, and photographed.
Amazing close-ups as they abuse themselves
- Young construction workers shooting their hot juice just for us

Next it's crunch time - I have to check they can get an erection and ejaculate don't I? They have to imagine they are alone and furiously wank while I record their most private moments.
- Cameras in their angry faces as they ejaculate

With fresh sperm still shooting out of their rampant dicks I go in for more close-ups and the poor lads aren't allowed to stop until I give them the okay.
Poorly paid soldiers and marines exploited
- Poorly paid soldiers and marines exploited

A casting director really can persuade naive straight boys to do ANYTHING!
Cameras in their angry faces as they ejaculate
- Real life marines, soldiers, airforce pilots and navy

The fittest fighting men examined in breathtaking detail. Better than any army physical.
Examined closer than any doctor!
- Examined closer than any doctor!

Every square inch of their most private parts are captured for the first time on camera. Brightly lit examinations of their holes.
100% straight boys forced into the slutty poses
- 100% straight boys forced to crawl naked on table tops in slutty poses

Systematically degraded on camera and made to pose like the biggest boy-slut begging to be fucked.
If his father could see him now!
- If his father could see him now!

Hairy builders, lorry drivers, doing the most embarrassing thing they will ever do in their lives. An airport strip search would be preferable!
"No one's going to see this, right?"
- "No one's going to see this, right"

"Don't worry mate. It's just a test and I'll wipe the tape after"
Eager to show me their holes!
- 18 year old schoolboys will do anything for pennies

Spin them the right line and they can't get their pants off quickly enough! I'll tell them any shit to get my hands on their untouched holes. Even brothers like these two!
Muscleboys just beg to be looked at don't they?
- Muscleboys just beg to be looked at don't they?

Jeff's a 25 year old engineer who must get looks wherever he goes because of his big muscles you can clearly see even with his clothes on. It was fantastic to make him peel it all off so we can see this bruiser's bulging parts in all their splendour. Naturally he gave me a hot wank off to watch like only blue-collar workers can.

Truly shocking and I promise I'll feel guilty after I wanked over him a few times

- Truly shocking and I promise I'll feel guilty after I wanked over him a few times

His Mum & Dad waved him off to seek his fortune in the big bad city and low and behold I've got their son naked crouching on the floor pulling his dick over some porn mags for the pleasure of men across the World. Truly shocking and I promise I'll feel guilty after I wanked over him a few times.

This building labourer's my favourite
- This building labourer's my favourite

Look how totally pissed off this beauty is having to show his hole. He knows full well that dirty men like me will get off on imagining fucking the living daylights out of the cunt. He stayed pissed off throughout, especially after he came all over himself spread-eagled naked over my desk.

Always get a naked boy to clean up
- Always get a naked boy to clean up

This 21 year old fitness instructor is typical. I always get them to clean up their mess before being allowed to put any clothes on. Just a dirty little pleasure of mine.
Michael, an Australian Rules Footballer
- Michael, an Australian Rules Footballer

Once you've seen an Australian Rules footballer you'll know there's nothing better. It's like they're made to be lusted over. Muscular all over, yes, but devastatingly handsome with it. Now we get to see them the way they should be...covered in come like this one!
Perfect physical specimen
- Perfect physical specimen

This guy works hard in the gym, doesn't drink and watches what he eats. What does he get in return? The most fantastic body and a very long and very explosive male orgasm judging by the amazing session he had with me. He virtually resprayed the entire office and once he starts gushing their is NO stopping him. A wonder to behold.
Handsome office stud gets the treatment
- Handsome office stud gets the treatment

He is so very handsome and very fit. Trouble is he's full of questions. Who's going to see this? It's not gay is it? The usual shit. To cut a long story short I say all the right things and minutes later I have him...
Gives my tongue a hardon looking at this

...like this!

Isn't it amazing to have a handsome straight guy, who you know is breaking hearts all over the office where he works, finally in this position!
Gives my tongue a hardon looking at this.

Hairy young Australian anyone?
- Hairy young Australian anyone?

Wayne has just the right amount of body hair, including that wondeful patch just at the base of the back. In the interview he made a few homophobic comments so it was a pleasure to get the cunt naked on the table spreading his arse like the dirty whore he really is.
Massive black bodybuilder
- Massive black bodybuilder

Do you reckon this one would rip my head off and shit in the hole if he knew where his pictures and video have ended up?!
Another time, another place, he'd appear in a Tom of Finland story sucking on a big fat cigar to go with his big fat cock. Sadly Leon is a 26 year old heterosexual electrician. Doesn't stop us getting that massive butt apart for an extensive probing of his tight little hole and enjoy close-ups of his throbbing boner as he abuses himself for us.
21 year old waterpolo champion
- 21 year old waterpolo champion

We all know about swimmers and divers don't we? Sure we do. Compared to them waterpolo players seem like the hard men of the swimming pool. Muscular, well proportioned and smooth skin. This boy didn't disappoint. He has a spectacular arse and the most amazing orgasm.
Another excellent pair of thighs
- Another excellent pair of thighs

I'd seriously be in fear of my throat if I tried to suck on this big lad's massive dong. It's almost permanently hard and very thick - just like it's owner. You see, he said he could never do anything gay...and then proceeded to spread his great big buttocks for me like the town whore!
Amazing close-ups as they abuse themselves
- Amazing close-ups as they abuse themselves

With a mouth like this isn't it a crime that this 19 year old boy is working as a chef's assistant in some crumby kitchen? He should be installed in the toilets of the nearest bar or on a ship to relieve the sailors.
Thumbs up from the hairy muscle man
- Thumbs up from the hairy muscle man

I love it when they're proud of ejaculating for me. A big muscular hetero 30 year old stockman pulling his dick like there's no tomorrow and thanking us for watching! Mind you he probably doesn't know exactly who will be watching him degrading himself but he can't complain now can he?!
Teenage boys ashamed and frightened
- Teenage lads ashamed of what they've agreed to

I finally let them get dressed and still with their fresh boycum dribbling out into their pants it finally dawns on them what they've done on camera. Too late buster!
- Teen pop mag model...forced up on the desk to display his young hole!

Stunningly handsome young men like this think they really have to do EVERYTHING the casting director asks them to do. And boy do we capitalise on their naivety getting him totally nude and exposing every square inch for our cameras before furiously pulling his youthful cock for all he's worth.

- Young blonde kickboxer anyone?

He's deadly, but I make him scared. Watch as I make the smooth muscular innocent lad crawl naked on my table pulling his VERY muscular butt cheeks apart so I can film his sweet & oh-so-tight little fuckhole with my camera. Then have him shoot hot sperm.

- I've caught a scally for you.

Snared a genuine scally cunt for you. Watch this toe-rag ordered to strip naked, have his private parts examined, including a very intimate & humiliating arsehole inspection, then his erection and propellant ejaculation are tested.

The Dream

- It's not easy being handsome.

If you want to get into modelling you have to go to embarrassing casting sessions where you must do EVERYTHING the sleazy old men want you to do, including posing like the biggest street-walking SLUT.

The reality

- Ruddy faced 'choirboy'

Don't worry, this cherub is over 18. But who would've thought I could talk all his clothes off him and get him to furiously pull his rock hard dick and make those young full balls bounce on camera!.

- International Waterpolo Champion

Seen the size of him? Would YOU order this massive bonehead to pull his ass cheeks apart and then push your camera right up next to his SCORCHING hot hole?
Better still, have him pull his thick heavy cock right in front of your face!

- Professional Rugby League player!

Forget watching hours upon hours of sports on TV just for the merest glimpse of jockstrap. I've captured a 100% Professional rugby league player for you. Totally naked, hole examined with my lens just millimetres away. Shooting great gobs of hot manjuice across my carpet!

- Doesn't he look sweet?

Don't you believe it. This builder almost refused to show me his hole. Made it all the hornier when I persuaded the bastard to bend over and expose his hot hetero-pussy just the way I like it.

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